7 May 2011

I have spent a month at CAMAC (art, science, technology organisation), based in Marnay-sur-Seine, as part of an artist residency programme.  As a result I have created 3 new sound installations, inspired by the pigeon post into Paris.  Developed from a series of experimental studio works, all 3 sound installations were shown as part of the Open studio event at CAMAC on 28 April.

Marnay-sur-Seine is rural and remote and CAMAC is positioned with the River Seine on one side and a transport canal on the other.  Every morning I was woken by a chorus of birds and the first chime of the day by the church bell.  At dusk a chorus of frogs could be heard from the River Seine.  Ive kept a blog to document my time at CAMAC and will use the new sound installations to fuel further work now that Im back in Leicester… all I need now is a studio space!

Lucy Stevens’ artistic practice examines the acoustic ecology of the natural environment, using field recording, digital illustration, performance and printmaking as a tool to visualise sound produced by wildlife, weather and other natural phenomena.

2 comments on “CAMAC artist residency in France

  1. Hi Lucy,

    I am so sorry I didn’t make it to the open studio at CAMAC – it wasn’t for the lack of trying! I hope you enjoyed your short stay in France. Come back soon and we can meet up and compare notes.

    Best Wishes,


  2. Hi Des

    Its a shame you couldn’t make it, although it was short notice. A trip back to France is definitely on the cards.

    Take care


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