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14 August 2012

Taking photographs provides a visual to show the places I’ve recorded environmental, natural and man-made sounds, to produce soundscapes.

The photographs are currently on exhibition at The Leicester Photographers gallery, until Monday 20 August and are part of a group exhibition with Leicester’s lo-fi photography group. Using colour slide film, the photos have been cross processed; a procedure associated with lo-fi photography, whereby a chemical solution intended for a different type of film is deliberately used to process photographic film.

The images show three locations in Leicester where I have taken sound recordings. The first is at the Rally canal with lots of hungry feral pigeons and a bread suit, the second at Embrace Arts, along their fire route to capture the sound of a dripping tap using a contact microphone and hydrophone. The last photograph shows the taxi rank on Humberstone Gate, featuring the taxi drivers opinion on the area they work in.


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