Exhibitions & Commissions

Performing Industry, 2017 Performance
Performing Industry, 2017

Performing Industry, 2017

A newly commissioned collaborative performance with g8 artists, local musician Peter Wyeth and experimental rock band Rattle exploring soundscapes that reflect the themes in the ‘Memories of Industry’ exhibition Attenborough Arts Centre.

The Workforce Symphony, 2017, soundscape

The Workforce Symphony, 2017

A new commission soundscape as part of the Leicester: Memories of Industry exhibition with g8 artists at Attenborough Arts Centre, Leicester between 9 June – 20 August 2017.

Curlew, monoprint and ink, 2016

Corn Bunting and Curlew, 2016

These prints (created originally for The Red Species List concert) have been selected for the Midlands printmakers Open 2016 at The Henderson Gallery, Nottingham, November – December 2016.

Yellowhammer, monoprint and ink, 2016
Wood warbler
Wood warbler, monoprint and ink, 2016

The Red Species List , 2017

A new commission from Attenborough Arts Centre to explore the songs of endangered birds, using Indian classical, traditional and folk music, field recordings, printmaking and video to visualise birdsong as part of a concert in April 2016. Listen to a recording from the performance here.

Ink blot 1 visualising Kirindy Forest
Red Fody and Herring Gull
Hammerkop and White-faced Whistling Duck, Monoprint and inks
Hammerkop and White-faced Whistling Duck
The Swithland Wood Recordings, record sleeve and 12 inch EP vinyl and lyric book, 2014
The Swithland Wood Recordings

Red Fody and Herring Gull, Hammerkop and White-faced Whistling Duck and The Swithland Wood Recordings

A selection of  visualisations of birdsong and a record sleeve and 12 inch vinyl EP have been selected to be exhibited at New Walk Museum’s Open 27 Exhibition, March – May 2016.

Cuckoo song 1Cuckoo song 2, Monoprint and ink

Cuckoo 1 and Cuckoo 2, 2016

Visualisations of the song of the Cuckoo using monoprint and ink, on display as part of the International Postcard Show 2016 at the Surface Gallery in Nottingham.

Red Fody and Hammerkop, Monoprint and inksFeral pigeons under Lancaster Road bridge, Monoprint and inks

Red Fody and Hammerkop and Feral Pigeons under Lancaster Road bridge, 2015

Visualisations of birdsong, created as part of an artist residency at Fermynwoods Contemporary Art Sudborough Green Lodge. Exhibited as part of ‘Concrete Nature’ at Stamford Art Centre, Lincolnshire, to coincide with New Networks for Nature. Also exhibited at BIRDscapes Gallery, Glandford, Holt in 2016.

Unheard Voices, multi-speaker concert, New Walk Museum, 2015

Unheard Voices, 2015

A commission to create a soundtrack and diffuse it over 22 channels as part of a performance in response to the German Expressionist art collection at New Walk Museum by Hear Th↓s Space.

Lapwing and circuit with bground_edited-1

The Stevens and Frize guide to birding, 2015

The manipulation of bird identification apps to falsely recognise bird species, when recreating birdsong via circuits, as part of a 24 hour residency and performance.

The Swithland Wood Recordings, record sleeve and 12 inch EP vinyl and lyric book, 2014

The Swithland Wood Recordings, 2014

A collaborative project to inspire music and visualise birdsong, funded by Arts Council England to create a record sleeve and 12 inch vinyl EP and birdsong lyric book.

Radio active presents: Air traffic, soundscapes to map bird and plane flight, 2014

Radioactive: Air Traffic, 2014

A series of soundscapes as part of a residency and exhibition at Balfron Tower, London to collaborate with artist and DJ Esther Ainsworth. To track plane and bird flight, using field recordings and map hot spots where flight paths of man and nature overlap.

Oil Spill, digital print, 2014

Oill Spill, 2014

A Digital print, commissioned and exhibited as part of touring show Web of Water to The Atrium Gallery, Nottingham, Carsington Water, Derbyshire, Sharpes Pottery Museum, Derbyshire, Artcore Gallery, Derby and Deda, Derby.

Curlew song, monoprint, 2013Brambling and Redshank song, monoprint, 2013

Curlew Song and Brambling and Redshank song, 2014

Monoprints, with birdsong soundtrack (recorded in Southern Lapland as part of an artist residency). Exhibited at Since 1843: In the Making exhibition at Bonington Gallery, Nottingham Trent University.

The Magic Voice, digital print, 2013

The Magic Voice, 2013

Digital print, commissioned and exhibited at the School of Museum studies, The University of Leicester. Also exhibited in 2014 as part of the Open 25 exhibition at New Walk Museum & Art Gallery, Leicester.

Detail- Ricklundgården birdsong, natural objects, 2013

Drawing birdsong, 2013

A 3-week artist residency at Ricklundgården, Southern Lapland to create a series of drawings, digital prints and sound recordings, in response to bird song, with an open studio exhibition at Ricklundgården, Southern Lapland.

Pigeon Feather Pie Chart

Pigeon Feather Pie Chart, 2013

Digital print, Shortlisted for The Attenborough Prize when exhibited at the Open 24 exhibition at New Walk Museum & Gallery and Nottingham Castle annual open exhibition.

Pigeon Clock graph

Pigeon clock Graph, 2012

Digital print, exhibited at the Open 24 exhibition at New Walk Museum & Gallery. First prize winner for £200 sponsorship from John E Wright when exhibited at Nottingham Castle annual open exhibition.

Half eaten bread and seed

Half Eaten Bread and Seed, 2012

Sunprint paper manipulated using Photoshop to create a digital print, exhibited at the Open 24 exhibition at New Walk Museum & Gallery.

Wasp vs Ant, 2012

Contact microphone sound recording of a wasp and ant having a fight, included as part of VA | Green Field Recordings | World Listening Day 2012- audio CD.

Pigeon hang outs, 2012

Cross-processed photographs, demonstrating locations where I have gathered sound recordings of feral pigeons, exhibited at Leicester People’s Photography Gallery, Leicester.

Egg 3

Egg 1 – 4, 2012

Silver gelatin prints, exhibited as part of Vesch ‘Objects with a soul’ for Lo-fi photography at Gallery 12, QE College, Leicester.

Feeding Frenzy prints and Baguette microphone recording, 2012 

Sunprint paper and sound recordings exhibited at The Exchange Bar, Leicester.

Pigeon Post into Paris, 2011

A series of installations and sound recordings, The End of the Line, Egg Box Messages and Under the Seine, Open studio at CAMAC, Marnay-sur-Seine, France.

Don’t Shoot the Messenger, 2010

Binaural audio walk, Wirksworth Festival, Derbyshire

Flock, 2010

Origami bird and audio installation at Wirksworth teaching pool.  As part of the Young Curators Project and Wirksworth Festival.

Stain, 2010

Audio-visual projection onto Wirksworth teaching pool.  As part of the Young Curators Project and Wirksworth Festival.

School Soundscapes, 2010

A series of sound recordings by students at Primary schools across the East Midlands.


Humberstone Gate IAC, 2009

A site specific sound installation for Stench V, Independent Art Centre, Leicester.

Lucy 1

Walk With Me, 2009

Binaural audio walk, commissioned sound walk for the grounds of Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery.


Annual, 2008

A series of site-specific binaural audio recordings and installations, residency at The Collection Gallery, Lincolnshire.


Gold Soundz (untitled), 2008

Binaural audio installation, Southwell Artspace, Nottingham. Gold Soundz poster


Conscious Void, 2007

Sound and textile installation, collaboration with textile artist Cat Preston. The City Gallery: The Upstairs Gallery, Leicester.


Bellytastic, 2007

Sound installation, MA zing, The Arts Organisation, Nottingham.


Unheard Sounds, 2007

Binaural Audio walk, Feast MA Exposition Nottingham Trent University, Nottingham.


The Sounds of The Playhouse, 2007

Binaural Audio Walk, for Offstage exhibition, The Playhouse Theatre, Nottingham.