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Playlists include:

Performing Industry, 2017. An audio-visual collaborative performance with musicians Peter Wyeth and experimental drumming duo Rattle to explore the sounds of Leicester’s industry.

The Workforce Symphony, 2017. A soundscape to reflect Leicester’s social and industrial legacy. As part of the Leicester: Memories of Industry exhibition at Attenborough Arts Centre.

 The Red Species List, 2016. A commission from Attenborough Arts Centre to explore the songs of endangered birds, using Indian classical, traditional and folk music, field recordings, printmaking and video to visualise birdsong as part of a concert.

Birdsong and Seascape in Slapton, Devon (A collection of field recordings of birdsong taken from ancient woodlands, reed beds and fresh water lakes and the sounds of the sea, including hydrophone recordings.)

Bird circuit songs: Birdsong ID app (Using a birdsong app to identify the sounds generated by a series of circuits, created to mimic the vocalisations of birds.)

The Swithland Wood Recordings (field recordings of birdsong from Swithland Wood, with musician response on tabla and sitar)

Radioactive: Air traffic at Balfron Tower, London residency (field recordings taken from around the tower to map hotspots where bird and plane flight cross over, in collaboration with Esther Ainsworth.)

Soundscapes (general ambience of places and spaces, usually featuring wildlife)

Durrell Wildlife Conservation trust (including a dawn chorus featuring Lemurs, wetland birds and aviary birds from the park)

Animal voice recordings (including birds, frogs, seals and insects)

Binaural audio recordings (Realistic 3D surround sound for headphones- as if you were there when it happened)

Binaural audio walks (site-specific audio tours- like museum tours but much more interesting with a contemporary twist!)

Sound installations (Sound recordings taken from places and buildings to create installations for art exhibitions)

Hydrophone recordings (underwater recordings)

Contact microphone recordings (to pick up the sound of vibrations rather than air pressure, for example the sound of a wasp and ant fighting!)

Seaside recordings (sound recordings of the sea and structures based on the beach)