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  1. Nick Jones

    Lucy, we are working with the County council economic development team to coordinate the next stage of Bathing beauties – another series of creative installations entitled Structures on the Edge. We are looking for interesting things that can take place to raise the profile of our scheme and the Bathing Beauties in general. It would be good to meet and chat about what you do, so its there in case anything appropriate comes up.
    We have worked with Dallas Simpson before http://www.spiresandsteeples.com/ListenHere/ and would be keen to do a similar project for the coast, perhaps as a pod cast or as an Ap or other format people can access on their phone at locations along the coast. We are particularly keen to do as Listen Here has done – partner accessible sound experience, like reminiscence and song, with creative sound interpretive piece.

  2. Mark Ellis

    Dear Lucy,

    I’m currently working on my PhD at the University of Huddersfield researching the relationship between reality and fiction in immersive performances – obviously your work is of considerable interest to me and I was wondering if you wouldn’t mind being interviewed as part of my research?

    Kindest Regards

    Mark Ellis

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  4. Pete Barclay

    Hello Lucy,

    I just finished a project exploring how sound influences drawing and found your work most interesting. Nice prints too.

    Good luck with your next venture.

    Sydney, Austraila

    • Hi Peter

      Thanks for the comment- do you have a blog/website to show your drawings? What type of sounds were you using to inspire drawings?

      Nice to hear from you

  5. Your body of work here is quite impressive.
    Congratulations on an awesome project and job well done~

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